Let's talk about Mudrooms!

Mudroom's and Covid-19....so grateful we have this space to use as our washing down area! Coats can be hung up or put in the laundry and hands washed! Clutch!!

During this pandemic (Covid-19) we've had lot's of time on our hands here and that hasn't been all bad....don't you agree? Spending more family time cooking, talking and watching movies together has been a blessing for sure.

Speaking of time.... since I have all this extra time not being able to be at the shop, I'm using it to surf Pinterest .....it has once again sucked me into hours of seeking creative things to do.

Since we just remodeled our home, I had a ton of things pinned to look back on for inspiration. To have a great mudroom was high priority for us...especially now. My mudroom is also my laundry room which is perfect for my family, it's not very big so we had to be creative and make a space that would allow us to keep all of our outdoor gear and dirty clothes dumping area in one spot. Hooks, a sink, cubbies, drawers and shelves were a must for my family.

What is priority for you in a mudroom/laundry room? Do you have a "top 5 must haves" for a space like this? Wide open-everything visible? Closed doors to hide it all? Do you need a sink? Bench-no bench? Here are some glorious inspiration pics of mudrooms to make you oooo and ahhh!

You can create the same effect even though you don't have a designated area for a mudroom. All you need is an unused wall with open floor space. Add your own bench and any kind of shelf, add some hooks and there you have a space to hold all your guests coats!

Are closed doors a MUST for you? Don't you love that blue....the shiplap....the chalkboard doors for the kiddos? Love it all!

This simple one gets a high five from us too....hoo haa! Would you look at that de-barked branch to put hooks on...wow! A little boho vibe going on here.

Keep everything fun and stylish with a rustic style mudroom. You can incorporate a wood floor and wooden bench to get this look. Combine them with white cabinetry, comfy pillows and cute baskets to give you a warm and cozy atmosphere. Add some rustic accessories such as an old watch on the wall.

And here we have another "close it all up" mud area. Love the chunky baskets underneath. The extra cabinets up high are a great to use for extended kitchen pantry items.

This area is perfect for your modern farmhouse style! Love the stained wood with ship lap and cubbies. So many hooks for all those extra coats and hoodies. Will they inspire your kiddos to use them....hmmmm.

If you don’t have enough space for your clothes in your bedroom, the mudroom can be a great place to be functioned as a hidden closet. It will be tall enough to hang your coats or dresses, and the smaller spaces are perfect to store your bags, hats, or shoes. Ohhhh that rattan chandy!!


There you have it folks...a little mudroom inspiration for you. If you are planning a project like these....first, research and plan for what YOUR family needs are.

Thanks for stopping by.

Stay healthy and wash your hands during these very interesting times we are in!



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